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Whether your device is underperformaning, no longer turns on, or you’re looking for more capacity, we have you covered!

JVDigital offers repairs and upgrades for most Desktops & Laptops.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below before booking:

Repairs & Upgrades

At this time, we repair most modern desktop and laptop PCs.

We provide a repair service for devices manufactured by brands inclding but not limited to HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba

Diagnostic Fee:

Sometimes seemingly simple problems are actually more complex than what meets the eye. In order to determine if a device is repairable, we need to spend some time to diagnose it and perform some tests. The diagnostic process may involve running some software and hardware tests, disassembly of the device for inspection or individual component testing and time to consult our suppliers.

In most cases when a device is booked in, a diagnostic fee of $80 will apply unless otherwise advised by JVDigital.

This must be paid before the device is returned.


Repair Rates:

Our hourly rate is $100 for hardware repairs, the minimum repair time is 0.50 hours (For example, half an hour repair would cost $50).

The hourly rate is charged in addition to the diagnostic fee above.

On average, most repairs are completed within 2-3 days, however some repairs may take longer due to supply chain and shipping delays or when complex diagnostics are required.

We ask customers to remain patient while we are working on the device, you will be notified ASAP when the repair is complete.

In some cases we can also facilitate collection and return of your device, including weekends.

Please discuss your requirements with JVDigital prior to booking.

Repairs and upgrade costs can be covered with Afterpay, buy now pay later.

Please advise at the time of booking if you would like to pay via Afterpay so we can create an online payment link for you.


We also accept Eftpos and Cash

For diagnostics only where no repair or parts are supplied or fitted, we are only able to accept Eftpos or Cash at this time.

We always do our best to ensure no data loss is suffered. However we always stress the importance of creating a backup of important information. We strongly recommend having a current backup prior to any works being performed on the device.


In the event of a faulty disk:

If the device is found to have a faulty or unreadable disk and no backup of the data is available, the disk will need to be replaced and a fresh copy of Windows or Mac OS installed.

The faulty disk will be returned to you should you wish to send it to a specialised data recovery lab for further analysis.


In the event the operating system needs to be reinstalled and no backup is available:

If your operating system needs to be reinstalled due to a system stability problem and no backup is available, we will attempt to recover any  documents, pictures, desktop items, browser history and emails. We are usually able to recover these items provided the device’s storage has not been encrypted, has not suffered any corruption, damage or has been a victim of ransomware.

In most cases after a fresh operating system install (Windows or Mac OS System) your device will be returned with all default settings, you may need to manually reapply the following settings:

  • System settings that aren’t default
  • License keys from paid software
  • Application settings and default application handling
  • Start menu layout (Windows) or dock layout (Mac)
  • Wallpapers, fonts, themes and display/colour settings
  • Passwords saved to credential managers, web browsers or other password management applications
  • 3rd party applications that don’t come with the device out of the box


In the event you are upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD):

If the existing disk and data are intact, JVDigital can perform a full disk clone from existing drive, to the replacement drive.

When the device is returned, your data, settings and apps will be exactly how you left it and you will notice an increase in performance and responsiveness from the device.


In the event you are moving to a different device:

JVDigital offers data migration services – for example when you replace your old computer with a new one. Oftentimes, we can clone the entire disk from the previous device to the new device. However in some cases this may not be possible depending on the age of the existing device and amount of data to be migrated.

Unfortunately we may deem a device unrepairable for a variety of reasons such as:

  • When replacement parts required for aren’t available
  • When the device would be uneconomical to repair (proceeding with the repair might exceed the monetary value of the device)
  • When the device has noticable major damage internally or externally
  • When the device has suffered liquid damage resulting in damage to multiple parts
  • When the fault cannot be determined through diagnostics
  • When a design and manufacturing technique is used to prevent repairs – more info on this

If your device is deemed unrepairable, or uneconomical to repair for any reason you may still be charged a diagnostic fee at discretion of the JVDigital.

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades:

Battery replacement

Charing port replacement

Storage capacity upgrade

HDD to SSD migration

Memory (RAM) upgrade

Keyboard replacement

Fan Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Wifi / Bluetooth Module Replacement


Desktop Repairs:

Storage capacity upgrade

HDD to SSD migration

Memory (RAM) upgrade

Fan Replacement


Power Supply Replacement

Motherboard, CPU Replacement & Upgrade

Graphics Card Replacement & Upgrade

Liquid Cooling Upgrade

We don’t repair other electronics such as gaming consoles at all (such as playstation and xbox), printers, scanners, cameras, speakers, televisions, DVD players, USB storage (such as flash drives and external hard drives)


For computers, we don’t normally repair or replace the following:

  • Damaged or faulty broken circuit boards
  • Deliberately damaged devices (such as smashed, dropped or shocked laptops)
  • Individual compnents that cannot be removed (such as parts that are soldered into place)
  • Damaged USB Ports
  • Damaged Card Readers
  • Damaged or faulty internal connectors
  • Damaged casing & enclosure parts
  • Laptop displays & Touchscreens
  • Devices that may be hazardous (for example, where a visibly leaking battery is contained)
  • Components made from or containing glass and/or liquids
  • Components that may contain dangerous parts such as internal power supplied
  • Any component or device found to be exposed to biohazards or dangerous chemicals

Some exceptions can be made depending on the device and circumstances involved

In order to properly diagnose a problem, JVDigital may request information about the device such as the model number, serial number or user credentials.

This is to ensure we are able to provide the correct parts and service needed for your device.

If you are unable to provide any required information, we may be unable to quote, diagnose, or repair your device at all.

Any personal information provided will be handled in accordance to our privacy policy.

All parts come with 12 months warranty against defects. We try to use brand new genuine parts as much as possible, however due to increasing costs and ongoing supply chain problems, we may need to use aftermarket components in order to facilitate a repair.

If you provide your own parts to JVDigital to complete a repair or upgrade, we are under the assumption that you have confirmed the part is correct and compatible for the required repair.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.

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