Looking for a custom system different to the packages on offer?

JVDigital can offer a competetively priced solution with Free 30 days remote support. For customers in Victoria metro, including Ballarat and Geelong, we also include free delivery on custom quote PCs.


To request a custom PC package, you will need to read the FAQ’s below and when you’re ready to rock and roll, send through a message via the Contact Page

Custom package requests must differ significantly from the packages we currently have on offer at the time of request.

Please be advised, we may need up to 48 hours to prepare a quote and all quotes are valid for 14 days from the time the quote is written.

We are able to accomodate for additional storage (HDD or SSD), increased memory (RAM) capacity, increased cooling on our standard packages at an additional cost, a custom PC quote is not needed in this case.

Simply advise JVDigital of your additional requirements prior to ordering one of our packages and an online checkout link with the upgrades added will be prepared for you.

JVDigital is able to offer a competitve price on prebuilt desktops from manufacturers such as HP, Dell and Lenovo with Windows 10 Pro, these devices will be ready to join to your corproate domain, including Intune & Micrsoft Azure AD right out of the box.

JVDigital can offer a customized solution for your video editing needs.

Please call us directly to discuss.

Our Tier 3 Package currently comes with 2.5 Gigabit ethernet out of the box, this is a great choice for devices within a 2.5Gbe or 10Gbe network where lots of data transfer takes place.

If you have additional requirements, such as multiple ethernet adaptors, 10Gbe, or something else. Please reach out via the contact form to discuss.

A majority of the hardware used by JVDigital is supplied from the Australia IT Supplier Network, we actively avoid using parts from retail or online stores in order to deliver your system as soon as possible for the best value.

We work closely with our select IT Providers as much as possible to ensure consistent stock availability and after sales support.

After you recieve your quote, let us know when you’re ready to place an order and we will send you a secure payment link via Square.

We accept Eftpos and Aftrpay and all custom PC orders