Introducing the Studio PC Line


The 2021 Studio PC Line comes in a standard package featuring a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor that delivers impressive performance for a variety of high intensity workloads, 2D and 3D design, graphic design for large print, HD video transcoding, streaming, virtual machines and a lot more!


We have received excellent feedback from our customers who purchased a Premium PC for the above use cases,


Aside from delivering an impressive high intesity workload experience, the Studio PC line also looks amazing with a choice of a matte black or matte white mid-tower chasis with addressable RGB LEDs that can be controlled on the fly.


The Studio PC line comes standard with a blazingly fast 1TB NVME SSD and 32GB high speed RAM, fan noise control, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, support for multiple high resolution displays

  • ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI Motherboard H510, B560 or similar
  • Intel Core i7, or i9 10th Gen with premium CPU Air Cooler
  • Crucial  32GB DDR4 Memory (RAM)
  • Crucial 1TB B NVME SSD
  • Corsair 500 Watt 80+ Gold Efficiency Power Supply
  • ASUS, Deepcool or Antec Mid-tower chasis Addressable RGB Lighting

Due to current circumstances, and shortages accross the supply chain, some of the above items will be substituted for a similar brand, specification and value in order to deliver you the best possible system at the time of order

Rear Connectivity:

  • 4x USB 3.1 Ports
  • 2x USB 2.0 Ports
  • PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard Port
  • 3.5mm Audio Jacks (Line In, Mic In, Speaker Out)
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Displayport, HDMI, DVI Outputs


Front Connectivity:

  • 2x 3.1 Ports (or better)
  • 3.5mm Audio Jacks (Mic In, Headphone Out)

Please be advised, due to supplier shortages, the above connectivity may vary slightly

Yes, the 2021 Premium Gaming PC is supplied with a Wifi and Bluetooth Adatper, this may be in the form of a USB Dongle, or internal PCI-E Adapter.

This will allow you to cast to wireless displays, pair an Xbox One controller, connect to a bluetooth speaker, connect to your 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz home wireless network

A majority of the hardware used by JVDigital is supplied from the Australia IT Supplier Network, we actively avoid using parts from retail or online stores in order to deliver your system as soon as possible for the best value.

Any display with HDMI or DisplayPort compatability

JVDigital works with a just in time fulfilment process where the hardware required for your system will be ordered from our suppliers after a minimum 10% deposit has cleared.

Once the hardware arrives, it will be assembled into a functioning computer, the operating system, drivers, updates will be installed.

The system will then be placed under a load test for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure all hardware is operating within the recommended parameters.

We take pride in delivering most new systems to our clients within 5 days on average.

We are taking the Victorian Government precautions as they are advised to reduce the spread of Covid-19, during these times we are unable to offer in home set up or in-person demonstrations, and all pickups or delivery will be contactless.