Remote Support for PCs supplied by JVDigital

Free 30 Days Standard Remote Support

All new PCs supplied by JVDigital come with a 30 days complimentary standard remote support period from the date of delivery, please call or message to arrange a time to resolve your questions.

The 30 day complimentary remote support period is provided free of charge and is separate to the standard warranty provided with new hardware.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Remote support will be facilitated via Teamviewer Remote Connection, phone call, direct message or similar. For a support requests where JVDigital will require you to provide a remote connection to your PC, you will be expected to be connected to your home network with a stable internet connection.

The 30 days complimentary remote support is subject to fair use conditions, the support provided is to assist you with becoming acquainted with your new PC.

Support included covers situations such as:

  • Setting up a password
  • Creating another user account on the PC
  • Installing an antivirus
  • Installing free, supported applications from the Microsoft Store
  • Installing game launchers such as Steam, Blizzard, Epic Games, Origin
  • Connecting to a printer or scanner already apart of your home network
  • Connecting to your existing email account
  • Connecting to Wifi
  • Performing windows updates
  • Performing driver updates
  • Tuning built in fans & RGB LED equipment

Remote support is currently provided on an appointment basis.

To request a time for remote support, simply call or email and a time will be made to assist you.

After 30 days has past from the delivery date of the JVDigital supplied PC, complimentary remote support will expire.

At this point, support can be provided at a fixed hourly rate or per-job rate (whichever is cheapest), this could be provided remotely, or onsite (subject to Government Health Advice)

In most cases, the 30 day complimentary remote support does not cover setting up 3rd party extenal hardware including but not limited to:

  • Professional AV Equipment including DJ Mixers, Recording and Imaging Devices
  • Capture Cards & Other recording devices
  • Networking equipment such as Routers, Switches & Wireless APs*
  • Printers, scanners and other imaging devices that are not already connected to the home network, or cannot connect to the PC directly via USB, or are not compatible with Windows 10 or newer systems
  • 3rd Party Keyboards, mice, headsets*


In most cases, support cannot be provided for the following software:

  • 3rd Party VPNs & Workplace/School remote access*
  • Business Software such as MYOB, Quickbooks or similar
  • Professional audio, video, graphic software

*Except in the event these products or services have been supplied to you by JVDigital alongside a new PC


Remote support will strictly not be provided under any circumstances for the following requests

  • P2P, Illegal File Sharing Software
  • Anonymous Web Browsers such as TOR
  • Cryptomining applications
  • Any software suspected to be malicious to your PC or other devices
  • Software that is not officially supported by Windows 10 or higher
  • Abandonware
  • Software obtained illegitmately
  • Physical media copy software
  • Any other request that is suspicious
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IT Support for Home & Business

Professional support when you need it most

JVDigital proudly supports the IT needs of local business and residents.
Whether you are running a laptop, desktop, tablet, Windows, Mac, iOS, we have your questions covered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For issues relatively simple, hassle free remote support can be provided for a quick and convenient experience. Remote support will be provided via phone, chat, message, email, and in the event JVDigital needs access to your device remotely, this will ne facilitated via Teamviewer, Microsoft Remote Desktop or similar.

The cost will be determined on a per situation basis, oftentimes it is difficult to provide an upfront cost as some issues are complex and require a number of troubleshooting steps to determine the cause and resolve, especially for issues that are intermittent or are unlikely to present under normal usage scenarios.

Remote support:

In order to provide a rough estimate, 1 hour of remote support is offered at a flat hourly rate of $90, with a minimum engagement charge of 0.50 hours ($45 for 30 minutes).

Onsite Support:

In some cases, if an issue cannot be resolved remotely, JVDigital will need to assess the device in person to perform further troubleshooting, this could involve an on-site visit or collection/drop off of the device – Please note, all government health advice and precuations mist be followed.

Onsite remote support is offered at a flat hourly rate of $110 per hour, with a minimum engagement charge of 0.50 hours ($55)

Remote support is currently provided on an appointment basis.

To request a time for remote support, simply call or email and a time will be made to assist you.

JVDigital can reinstall your operating system, whether you are running Windows, Mac OS or Linux (selected distributions only).

We are often requested to simply reinstall the operating system to resolve an issue, while a fresh reinstall of the operating system is a great way to improve performance, it may not address the underlying condition alone.

In cases where the device is several years old and booting from a single spinning disk (ie, a normal hard drive) it is worth considering replacing the hard disk for a solid state drive (SSD).

While SSD’s do cost slightly more than ordinary hard drives, they contain no moving parts and can proccess read/write requests up to 10x faster, results in a a very healthy boost in performance.

For systems with 4GB to 8GB of RAM or less (usable system memory), most devices will accomodate additional capacity to improve performance and multitasking capabilities.

In the event the operating system needs to be reinstalled:

If the system is functional and has not suffered from data corruption, we can recover your documents, pictures, desktop items, browser history, application data and emails in most cases.

Items that cannot be recovered in usual circumstances (Windows devices only):

  • System settings
  • License keys from paid software
  • Application settings
  • Start menu layout
  • Wallpapers, fonts, themes
  • Passwords saved to credential manager or other password applications

Please be advised: Following a fresh perating system install, you may need to reinstall any applications you previously had.


In the event you are upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD):

A direct migration of your existing operating system including files and settings can be cloned to the new drive, this means you’ll recieve your device back with everything exactly as you left it with a healthy performance boost.

Yes, JVDigital is able to assist you with setting up regular file or system backups (or both).

The options available will depend on the type of device you have and how much data needs to be backed up.

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